Sunday, May 27, 2007

Visit Hawaii for a change

Coconut tree in HawaiiChina can be chilly in the autumn and winter months. China has also done very well for itself in the past few years. I think China's residents deserve a break and enjoy some luxury with a visit to warm, tropical Hawaii. Well to do Chinese can book luxury accommodation at Hawaii luxury accommodations. Currently, there are 350 of them for you to chose from.

Other reasons why Chinese residents should visit is China has connections with Hawaii. Hawaii was populated by 3 waves of arrivals - first the Polynesians, then the Europeans followed by the Chinese who were serving on European trading ships. These Chinese disembarked and settled in Hawaii in 1789. Also, it has been found that 1.92% of Hawaiian residents speak Chinese at home. Hawaii also have active sister state program with People's Republic of China, Guangdong, (1985), People's Republic of China Hainan, (1992), People's Republic of China Tianjin, (2002) and Republic of China Taiwan, (1993). Chinese can also be proud of Hiram Fong, the first Chinese American and Asian American elected United States Senator. Who knows what surprises awaits you in Hawaii. For all you know, you may meet a long lost relative when you visit Hawaii.

If luxury accommodations are not what you are seeking, you can also go for Hawaii hotels (currently 1030 of them for you to chose from), Hawaii Condominiums (1179 to chose from) or Hawaii vacation rentals (620 of them).

Activities you can participate in in Hawaii include enjoying luaus (a traditional Hawaiian freest featuring roast pig), snorkelling and scuba diving to see a superb varieties of tropical fish and reefs, horseback rides, parasailing, volcano bike tours, even submarine rides!

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