Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Chinese in Hawaii

Except for the southern part of China, most parts of China can be very cold in winter and there are no beach worthy of visit in China except for some obscure ones. In contrast, Hawaii is warm all year round, have plenty of beautiful beaches and have culture and food quite different from China. Actually, not exactly completely different because there is a sizable population of ethnic Chinese in Hawaii, making up 4.7% of the state's population, many having ancestors from Zhongshan in Guangdong. If you count those of Chinese and Hawaiian descent, the percentage will be higher. Although most of them have converted to Christianity, there is still a small pocket who have stuck on to traditional Chinese religions and there are still some 100 Buddhist and ancestral temples on the Hawaiian island. There is even a Chinatown in Honolulu, bordered by Nuuanu Avenue on the east, North Beretania Street on the north, and South King Street.

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If you plan to see Chinatown in Honolulu, Oahu Island, you might as well take the opportunity to visit the many beautiful beaches on Oahu, among which is Makua Beach, a long wide white sand beach about one mile long that is undeveloped and uninhabited. This would be ideal if you want to be away from the crowd, but be careful if you want to swim there, for high surf generates dangerous water conditions and no lifeguards are stationed there.

Oahu is only one of eight main islands of Hawaii. There is Hawaii Big Island, Maui and others. And on these islands, there are tourist spots that might of of interest like Waikiki (who doesn't know Waikiki>), Kihei, Wailea (rich man's playground), etc. You can find links to these places at vacation rentals.